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My classes encourage students to tap into the power of their bodies and minds. Using a healthy dose of hands-on-assists, I teach poses, breathing and clear thinking as a method to release tension and bring ease into the whole body. "Releasing neck or hip tension can be like unplugging a fire alarm," is something I often remind my students. It brings immediate relief to the body and ultimately ease to the soul.

In 1999, I began practicing yoga to counteract a thyroid issue during pregnancy, and was immediately enamored by yoga's ability to bring ease into the whole body and joy into life. I credit yoga with making me strong enough to carry a 75 pound infant car seat and compassionate enough to enjoy the journey. In 2011, I became a certified Vinyasa yoga instructor and has been teaching yoga since then.

I am delighted to be able to share yoga's magic with my community. For this opportunity I am deeply grateful to Heidi MacVane & Danielle Toolan who enlivened the Portland Yoga scene with bright energy and joy, and to Jacqui Bonwell who brought her " foot soldiers" philosophy to Teacher Training in Maine, and to Alex Amorosi and Mark Stephens who continue to guide and inform my curiosity about how and why our amazing bodies function as they do. Also to Christina D. Strong, for her support of yoga as an important component in training young athletes.

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